Welcome to Standup v2! We rewrote it and pushed it out on September 23rd. If you have any problems, see the Standup wiki page for help.
  • looked into the SSL3_GET_SERVER_CERTIFICATE more and discovered new things. wrote up more correct set of options in the bug comments for bug 1305129. #socorro

  • Updated Firefox 51 for devs to mention that VP9 is enabled by default for WebRTC, as the second choice after VP8.

  • The universe works in mysterious ways -- by fixing a random Firefox 46 doc issue about VP9 in WebRTC, I got pinged by jesup that I had some details wrong, including the fact that it was disabled by default -- until Firefox 51. Which means I actually was in fact working on a Firefox 51 issue.

  • got mozmill-ci staging updated for authentication. Lets see if IT is happy with it before tackling production and fixing the documentation

  • updated state at autoland meeting & met w/ Lars

  • Merged several PRs for Snappy. I believe it to be stable enough for deployment now.

  • learning how to hack on treeherder so i can implement "is push green" check